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Royter International Warranty


The Royter watches are high precision mechanical instruments that are manufactured, decorated, assembled, and tested in-house. Prior to arrival, your sports chronograph watch is subjected to numerous quality control tests in different conditions and temperatures for the period of 7 days. This process ensures the watch performs up to rigorous Swiss watchmaking standards and is ready for your daily activity. However, should there be any manufacturing defects, an international warranty covers your luxury Royter watch for the period of four years starting from the date of purchase.

What is covered by the warranty?   

Any mechanical issues that are as a result of production or assembly errors. As mechanical objects with fine tolerances, it is inevitable that sometimes watches may have mechanical issues that only show up after some use. The warranty is intended to cover these issues. 

What is NOT covered by the warranty?   

Damages due to improper use, loss or theft are not covered by the warranty. Mechanical watches have operating limits beyond which could develop issues. Activities such as (but not limited to) playing sports, hard fall, magnetism, forgetting to push the crown back in before water activities, using pushers under water can damage your timepiece and are considered as a user error that are not covered by the warranty.

Damage due to modifications or services carried out by the customer or unauthorized third party. If you have any issues with your watch, please contact us first. Trying to disassemble a watch by yourself or having your local watchmaker do it, automatically voids the warranty. 

Wear and tear. Watches will take on nicks, marks and scratches. Straps will crease and wear out. This is a part of the watch ownership experience and is not covered by the warranty. Any cosmetic issues spotted on receipt should be brought to our attention immediately. It's impossible to determine what is wear and tear and what was a cosmetic defect after the watch has been worn for several weeks.

External coatings and treatments such as DLC, heat bluing and AR coatings on crystal will wear and the wearing pattern varies form individual to individual based on use case. This wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

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