1 Winding

Crown position 1: Before wearing, wind the watch manually in position 1 (neutral position) by rotating the crown clockwise for 50 rotations. The movement will continue winding automatically from the motion of your wrist. When you take off your fully wound watch, it will continue to run for at approx. 42 hours before it stops.

2 Set Day/Date

Position 2: Pull out the crown gently to 2nd position until you feel the click. Adjust the Date by turning the crown clockwise or counter-clockwise for Day. DO NOT ADJUST THE DAY/DATE WHEN THE HANDS ARE BETWEEN 8PM AND 2AM AS IT MAY DAMAGE THE DATE MECHANISM. Move the hands to safe zone at 6:30, then adjust Day/Date. It’s best to set the day and date one day prior of actual day and then manually in the 3rd position of the crown advance the hands until the Day/Date jumps at midnight to your current date.

3 Set Time

Position 3: Pull out the crown gently to the 3rd position until you feel the click. Adjust time clockwise. DO NOT turn hands counter-clockwise. Then push the crown back to 1

4 Chrono Start / Stop / Reset

Push the top Chrono Start/Stop button A to start the chronograph hands. Push the top Start/Stop button A once more to stop the chronograph. Press the lower Chrono Reset button B to return all chronograph hands back to zero. Reset will not work if the chronograph is still running. First stop the chronograph, then press the reset.