The history of ROYTER watches and how it all started


With no more than 75 pieces produced per year, Dan finishes, assembles and tests each individual piece in his NYC atelier along with a small team of watchmakers in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Given the small annual production, his attention to detail is impeccable. The idea of small runs and his total involvement from start to finish allows ROYTER to have a total control over craftsmanship, quality and customer service. 


ROYTER is a young, independent family brand founded in 2017 by an inspired watchmaker, aficionado-collector Dan Royter. His passion for mechanical watches and haute-horology along with a decade of experience in the industry of high-end luxury wrist watches led him to create his own brand. Inspired by some of the world's leading independent watchmakers, Dan creates highly personalized timepieces that are designed for comfort, accuracy and versatility. Dan shares his love and creativity through each unique timepiece he creates. 


Numerous customizations go into each timepiece according to the client requests. Through various unique features, each timepiece carries its own character and individuality. For ROYTER, building bespoke watches is a part of sharing his vision with those who appreciate true art of watchmaking and share Dan's passion beyond a brand name. His watches portray sincere dedication, unending patience and refinement in every detail. They redefine the true value and a traditional format of high quality watchmaking. ROYTER’s philosophy is to deliver an exceptional quality, hand finished timepieces that reflect individual character and soul.