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Introducing DR-02 Chrono

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Bespoke, hand finished luxury watches...


Founded by Dan Royter, an inspired New York watchmaker, ROYTER Watches has grown into a young, independent luxury watch brand that creates personalized, hand finished watches for daily wear. Born from a passionate idea of owning a hand decorated luxury timepiece, Dan learned and applied the skills to design and create his own bespoke watch.

ROYTER watches feature the renowned self-winding Swiss chronograph movement, the Valjoux 7750, which has been certified as a chronometer. The watches are meticulously crafted by hand in-house using traditional luxury techniques, such as straight graining, micro-blasting, beveling, gold plating, and more. The screws are polished to a black finish and the screw counter sinkholes are polished to perfection, giving the watches a sophisticated look. Free hand engraving adds a personal touch to each watch, making it one of a kind. These exquisite timepieces represent the epitome of luxury, combining Swiss precision with traditional craftsmanship to create a truly exceptional product.

Hand Decorated Movement